Patagonia Security was born from the belief of its founders to offer a different alternative in the market of information security services. The passion, trust and ideological coincidences of its members defines what is needed to undertake this project.

Patagonia Security offers what is known as Red Team Service. This methodology is based in the concept of performing an attack as a real attacker would do it. Executing this type of attack in a controlled environment, is possible to evaluate the security strategies of the organization, including response and remediation plans.

Patagonia Security offers a variety of services, including security consulting, vulnerability assessment, penetration test and hand-on training courses. Moreover, we encourage and do research about topics related to Information Security, looking for innovation and knowledge.

Patagonia Security is composed of highly experienced and skilled professionals, with a continuous search of new challenges to achieve excellence. We bring flexible services to our customers according to their needs, always building the foundations on the uninterrupted dialogue and the understanding of business model.

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